Cell phone and wifi blocker - cell phone blocker Nottingham

Permanent Link to JAVAD GNSS Tracks Compass B3 Signals
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On December 29, two days after the Compass Interface Control Document (ICD) was made publicly available, JAVAD GNSS announced that it had tracked “B3 signal from all launched Compass satellites, using TRE-G3T-E E6-band capable receiver.  Graphs shows SNR and ‘code-minus-phase’ combination of GEO svn #5 (sat #215 on graph), IGSO svn #8 (sat #218) and MEO svn #14 (sat #224). ‘C/A’ stands for B1, ‘L5’ for B2, ‘CL2’ for B3.”

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Permanent Link to JAVAD GNSS Tracks Compass B3 Signals
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cell phone and wifi blocker

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