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Permanent Link to CGSIC annual meeting now streaming on Coast Guard channel
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The U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs YouTube channel is hosting streaming files for virtual meetings of the U.S. Government’s Civil GPS Service Interface Committee (CGSIC), held Sept. 21-22. This link leads to the CGSIC page of GPS.gov. On that page are additional links for the Sept. 22 morning and afternoon speakers at the CGSIC Plenary Session as well as links for the three subcommittee sessions held Sept 22. The subcommittees are: International Information Subcommittee Timing Subcommittee Survey, Mapping and Geoscience Subcommittee Anyone can access the briefings, which include slides, embedded video of the speakers and comments made during the presentations.

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Permanent Link to CGSIC annual meeting now streaming on Coast Guard channel
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cell phone blocker canada

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