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  D-COAX Inc. has introduced a reconfigurable probe station (Model W4.0 x L6.5) for design engineers and technicians. It’s used to test a chip or small circuit board for the project that cannot wait for local lab probe station availability. The probe station has a small footprint (X = 22 in, Y = 9 in, Z = 8 inch) and can be used at the desk or a lab. It is transportable at 9 pounds. The probe station is fully manual with the following features: 4.0 inch x 6.5 inch test plate with vacuum holes wide probe holder plates on each positioner with multiple holes for probe mounting both positioners can slide back and forth in the X and Y directions and can be moved toward the DUT at the angle the height positioning is accomplished via digital micrometers each positioner can be locked independently. Magnetic plates attach to the normal probe mounting holes to allow additional magnetic XYZ positioners with fine adjustment probe arms are adjustable in the X, Y, Z, and theta. The probe station is compatible with all standard wafer probes and many DC needle set-ups. See a video at the company’s website. All D-COAX products are made in the USA. For more information, e-mail info@D-COAX.com.

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Permanent Link to D-COAX offers reconfigurable probe station for chip testing
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cell phone jamming device

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